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Dance music is powerful and unifying music that overcomes nationality, race, gender, and generational barriers.

Futuregroove FM is a 24/7 internet-radio station that connects you to the forefront of the global dance music scene via radio shows featuring some of the top DJs in the world!

It is our hope that our station becomes the bridge between the global dance music scene and the Japanese dance music scene, bringing constant musical enjoyment and enrichment to your lives.




そんなダンスミュージック・シーンのグローバルな最先端とあなたを、世界中のトップDJのラジオショウで24時間つなぐインターネット・ラジオ、それが Futuregroove FM です。





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Futuregroove FM

Xtra Inc. 
Manoa Tamagawa Third 501
Tamagawa 3-20-2
158-0094 Japan

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