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Most teenagers celebrate their high school graduation at home, toasting their coming of age with apple cider and supermarket cupcakes with grandma, Aunt Jean and a few classmates. Martin Garrix celebrated finishing music academy classes in June by partying with hundreds of thousands, first in Warsaw, then Las Vegas (Electric Daisy Carnival) then Dover (Firefly Festival) and then back in Vegas (Hakkassan). Such is life when you’re the fastest-rising act in electronic dance music. In the span of 12 months, the 18-year-old Garrix not only completed school, but went from a being literal spectator at the world’s largest music festivals to performing on their main stages, propelled by a Top 10 hit, savvy business partnerships and a certain self-awareness that’s often lost on young stars.


In 2004, Garrix experienced something of a revelation while watching TV at home in the Netherlands. "I had never been interested in electronic music," he admits. "Then, I saw Tiësto playing the Olympics on television. I hadn't heard that music before. My mom played classical piano, and my dad and I played guitar. It was the first time I witnessed the beats, tempo, and vibe electronic music gives you. From that point, I was hooked. I started listening to trance, and I slowly moved to house. I instantly began saving up money for my first DJ setup." That first setup allowed him to begin performing at parties for his parents' friends, weddings, and other local events. Simultaneously, he produced his own original music, honing his production skills and craft.


In 2010, Garrix hit the stage at a club in Amsterdam. Only 13-years-old at the time, he instantly sent the venue into a frenzy. Fast forward two years later, he posted an unofficial remix of Enrique Iglesias's "Tonight" that sent the blog-o-sphere ablaze. As buzz and enthusiasm grew, iconic dance label Spinnin' Records offered him his first deal. Sander van Doorn lent support through releasing "Error 404" on his label, and collaborations with Sidney Samson ["Torrent"] and Julian Jordan ["BFAM"] followed. Garrix went on to do official remixes for the likes of Christina Aguilera ["Your Body"] and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs. Sander van Doorn ["Project T"].


2013 saw him un-cage "Animals", his breakout international single. Fusing a tribal bounce to a seductively dark refrain, the track charges ahead like a dance floor stampede. Upon release, it climbed to #1 on the Beatport Top Songs Chart and impressively held the spot for four weeks. As a result, Garrix became the youngest artist ever to seize the top spot. It reached #1 in the UK, Holland and Belgium as well as Top 5 in Australia, France, Spain, and Germany. In the aftermath, the track saw release in the U.S. via Casablanca Records. The single had solidified him as a bona fide record-breaking phenomenon and even reached a Platinum status in the U.S. with over 1 million sales. "I've had that melody since I was 12," he smiles. "It stuck in my head, and I wanted to do something with it for so long. The drop is very different. It feels like you're in the jungle. It's just a blast of energy."


Following up the success of "Animals", his remix of "Project T" and his collaboration with Jay Hardway ‘Wizard’ ascended #1 on Beatport and in the UK charts as well. As he rises through the ranks of EDM, he's also still finding time to enjoy growing up and keeping up with his friends. "It's so weird," Garrix laughs. "They join me on the road very often, and we have fun. They're pretty excited!" They're not the only ones who are excited though. Fans everywhere have gotten wild with Garrix and his sound. He goes on, "The most amazing thing is hearing how many people get inspired by my music and story. I want to show everyone that if you pursue your dreams, they can come true no matter what. That's what I want to do."


2014 has been all about releasing new music and touring. His collaboration with Firebeatz on ‘Helicopter’ already got to #1 on Beatport as well as all of his other releases in 2014; “Tremor” (with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike), “Gold Skies” (with Sander van Doorn and DVBBS), “Turn up the Speakers” (with Afrojack) and “VIRUS” (with MOTi). And just when things look like they can’t get any better, Martin lands on the #4 spot in the influential DJ Mag Top 100 list. Upcoming is his collaboration with Ed Sheeran, scheduled to come out early 2015. After selling out his debut clubtour with over 200 shows all over the world and headlining the biggest festivals, Martin is back in studio producing new music and gearing up for his debut album.

ほとんどのティーンエイジャーが高校の卒業を家で、おばあちゃんと、ジーンおばさんと、クラスメート何人かと、アップルサイダーとスーパーで買ったカップケーキで、乾杯して祝う。同じ歳のMartin Garrixは、6月にミュージック・アカデミー・クラスの卒業を、何百人、何千人の人と祝っていた。最初はワルシャワ、次はラス・ヴェガス(Electric Daisy Carnival)、そしてドーヴァー(Firefly Festival)、再びヴェガス(Hakkasan)に戻って。EDMで最も急成長しているアクトの生活はこんなものだ。12ヶ月のうちに、18歳のGarrixは、高校を卒業しただけでなく、トップ10ヒットと確かなビジネスパートナーシップ、そして若いスターには欠如しがちな自己認識をもって、文字通りの観客から世界最大の音楽フェスのメインステージでパフォーマンスするまでになった。




2010年、Garrixはアムステルダムのクラブを、わずか13歳にして熱狂させることになった。時はたって2年後、彼はEnrique Iglesias「Tonight」の非公式リミックスで、ブログの世界で大きな話題になった。バズと熱狂が高まっていく中、超有名ダンス・レーベルのSpinnin’が、彼に始めての取引の申し出をした。Sander Van Doornは、自らのレーベルから「Error 404」をリリースして彼をサポートし、Sidney Samsonとの「Torrent」、Julian Jordanとの「BFAM」がそれに続いた。リミックスもChristina Aguileraの「Your Body」、Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs sander Van Doornの「Project T」を手がけた。




「Animals」の成功のあと、「Project T」のリミックス、Jay Hardwayとの「Wizard」もbeatportの1位になり、UKチャートでも上昇した。EDMシーンでランクが上がっていく中、彼は成長を楽しみ、友だちとともにすごす時間も確保していた。「ヘンな感じだったよ」Garrixは笑う。「友だちは、しばしば僕のツアーに同行して、僕らは楽しんでた。彼らはかなり興奮していたね!」もっとも、興奮していたのは彼らだけではなかった。世界中のファンが、Garrixとそのサウンドに熱狂していた。彼は続ける「一番驚いたのは、僕の音楽やストーリーに、たくさんの人が影響されたっていうことだね。みんなには、夢を追いかけていれば、それがなんであろうと実現させることは可能だって言いたいな。それが僕のやりたいことだ」


2014年は新曲のリリースとツアーの年になった。Firebeatzとのコラボレーション「Helicopter」はbeatportの1位になった。同年にリリースされたDimitri Vegas & Like Mikeとの“Tremor” , Sander van Doorn and DVBBS との「Gold Skies」, Afrojackとの「Turn up the Speakers」、MOTiとの「VIRUS」と並んで。これ以上、良くなりようがないと見える中、Martinは影響力あるDJmag Top100で4位になった。これから予定されているものにはEd Sheeranとのコラボがある。世界中200都市以上でのクラブツアーをソールドアウトにし、大きなフェスのヘッドライナーを務めたあと、Martinはスタジオに戻り、デビュー・アルバムに向けてギアを上げ、新曲をプロデュースしている。

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